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If you need to find out info on a redshirt Guardsman or a world the Tanith First have visited, it'll be here.

Please note that this is a fanmade encyclopedia, not one from the author. Everything contained herein is taken from one of the novels/stories published by the Black Library, but it should be remembered that, as stories are told from an individual standpoint: "Everything is canon, but not everything is true."


The content of articles on Gaunt's Ghostspedia contain massive spoilers regarding the events of the series. It is recommended that you do not read on unless you have knowledge of the story!

The series is set in the Warhammer 40,000 universe, one of great peril and total war between the Imperium of man and it's allies, against the various alien and heretical arch enemies throughout the universe.

Black Library Summary

In the blood-soaked Sabbat Worlds Crusade, the massed ranks of the Imperium battle the dark forces of Chaos for dominion. At the forefront of this conflict are the Imperial Guard – untold numbers of ordinary soldiers fighting to preserve the Emperor’s holy realm. 'Colonel-Commissar Ibram Gaunt and the men of the Tanith First-and-Only are at the heart of this struggle. 'Forced to flee their planet before it was destroyed by Chaos, they are the last of their breed. This, together with their peerless scouting ability, has earned them the nickname the ‘Ghosts’. With unmatched tactical acumen, experts in covert operations, they're dispatched to the very worst hellholes in the galaxy.

GG Diorama

The Gaunt's Ghosts series follows the exploits of the Tanith First-and-Only, an elite scout/recon unit built on the foundations of three seperate groups of warriors. Originating from the founding fields of the extinct planet Tanith, the survivors of the planet's fall were brought together by the esteemed Colonel-Commissar Ibram Gaunt, a genius political officer and inspirational leader of men. Building a reputation as stealth artists, the First-and-only are forever thrown into battle after battle, coming out each time stronger. Soon they are reinforced at Vervunhive by volunteers, and later are shifted together with another descimated regiment, the Belladon.

Their travels see them come into contact with other Imperial regiments, some friends and some foes, and a vareity of important figures and legends, even having a special bond with Saint Sabbat herself. They visit a dozen worlds, fight a variety of enemies, and build a reputation as conquerors.

This status ultimately is a double headed snake, as Gaunt and his men are at the fore of the most dangerous battles the Imperium has to offer.


Novel Guide

The Gaunt's Ghosts series now spans 15 novels, and a vareity of short stories and special pieces. For a more detailed description of each, check out the individual articles, some of which are listed below.

  1. First and Only
  2. Ghostmaker
  3. Necropolis
  4. Honour Guard
  5. The Guns of Tanith
  6. Straight Silver
  7. Sabbat Martyr
  8. Traitor General
  9. His Last Command
  10. The Armour of Contempt
  11. Only in Death
  12. Blood Pact
  13. Salvation's Reach

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Trivia on Gaunt's Ghostspedia Wiki

This planet is the only world to feature in the present of two different novels in the series.


Featured Article

Blood Pact

The Blood Pact are the personal retinue of Archon Gaur, Chaos Warmaster of the Sabbat Worlds armies, and the chosen elite military unit for many operations in the Segmentum Pacificus. They have grown in reputation since their first use, and are the most feared enemy formation due to their fanatic devotion and discipline.

The Blood Pact were based upon the same regimental structure as the Imperial Guard, making them an even match for most of the Emperor's forces...

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