Oan Mkoll
Gender: Male
Origin: Woodland Villages, Tanith
Before the Regiment: Woodsman
Current Status: MIA
First Appearance: First and Only

Last Appearance: Warmaster
Focus Stories:
Book Count: 11

Scout-Sergeant Oan Mkoll, usually known simply as Mkoll is the chief Scout in the Tanith 1st Regiment. A Tanith born, he is one of the most experienced and trusted men in the regiment, which tracking and stealthing abilities second to none. Mkoll's talent has seen him personally kill at least one Etogaur outclass a Dark Eldar Mandrake and he has also managed to destroy a chaos space marine dreadnought with a overcharged lasgun. He is one of the regiment's oldest frontline serving soldiers, and puts his scouting abilities down to his life in the moving forests of Tanith before he joined the regiment. Mkoll is referred to as Sidthe, which simply means Ghost, by Eszrah in the old tongue of the Nihtgane. He was one of the Gereon 12. He is one of the most badass muthafuckers in imperial guard history who gives even Sly Marbo a run for his money. The enemy call him death because he he is so fething good at butchering Blood Pact and Sons of Sek.

Appearance Edit

Mkoll is fairly small and compact, making his seem unassuming, and has a wizened face which betrays his ruthless abilities and fighting smarts. He often has a beard and short hair.

Personality Edit

Seen by many as being tightly wound, like a spring, Mkoll in fact a very calm and collected figure who mostly keeps to himself, seldom openly talking with others. He is a skilled warrior, matched in his stealth and recon skills only by Mkvenner, who has disappeared since the Gereon mission. Prefering to work alone, he is a calculated killer, interpreting his enemy's actions and adapting without a second of hesitation. His knowledge of scouting, stealth, and combat make him one of the first of the regiment Gaunt will consult with over an upcoming mission, and depending on the risk, may be one of those to carry it out. His quiet demeanor leads some troops to believe him cold or harsh, but in truth he cares deeply for the Ghosts, and has been known to willingly go solo in the face of insurmountable odds to keep his comrades from danger, and emerge victorious.