Noa Vadim
Gender: Male
Origin: Vervunhive, Verghast
Before the Regiment: Roofer
Current Status: Alive
First Appearance: The Guns of Tanith
Last Appearance: Only in Death
Focus Books: The Guns of Tanith
Book Count: 5

Sergeant Noa Vadim is a Verghastite squad leader in Daur's G Company of the Tanith 1st Regiment. A young man with sharp features, Vadim is reknowned for his roping and absailing skills due to his previous profession as a roofer on Vervunhive's main spine before joining the regiment as part of the Act of Consolation. Vadim was chosen as part of Operation Larisel and saved a number of lives, including Milo, Dremmond, Seena and Arilla during the original insertion of Cirenholm during the Phantine operation.

Appearance Edit

Vadim is described as having a strong nose and a generous mouth, with small, dark mischievous eyes and tanned skin.

Pre-Regiment Edit

Before joining the regiment as part of the act of consolation, Vadim was a roofer, working on the heights of the Vervunhive main spine, repairing masts and platings, most of which was undertaken without a harness.

(The Guns of Tanith, 2003)

The Tanith 1st Edit

Vadim was placed in Domor's __ Platoon, where he served as a basic grunt. However, his skills from the previous occupation came to attention after events at Cirenholm.

Cirenholm Edit

Ouranberg & Operation Larisel Edit

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