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Soric's 'dream' Edit

  • Soric is a witch, and this will become a big part of the series.
    • If he were a witch, why did he only just start predicting things? Surely he would have known things before and done something about them.
  • Soric's warning was a miracle, but nothing dubious towards him. An intervention influenced by the Saint, much like the one Zweil had before.
  • It is later explained in the series that he is a witch. he probably only started predicting things because his phychic powers were just surfacings, perhaps as a result from the extreme pysical and mental trauma his body had recently gone through, or as a result of the massive pychic shockwave that had covered Hagia at the end of the novel Honour Guard.

"Trust Bonin" Edit

  • Zweil is in some state of sensitivity to the workings of the Saint following events at the shrinehold. As a result, he is able to interpret instructions from her.